Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cupcake Love

 When I feel stressed, or had a terrible no good very bad day, instead of moving to Australia, I bake.  I bake cupcakes.  My specialty says any one who has tried them. 
 This batch is made up of chocolate cake, with variations of cream cheese frosting and toppings!

From left to right:  Regular cream c. frosting with dark chocolate shavings, Raspberry frosting with chocolate sprinkles, coffee cream c. frosting with chocolate shavings, and chocolate filled cupcake with almond frosting and chocolate sprinkles!

2012 Prom

Zack and I all dressed
up for Prom!  It was held at the Railroad depot this year, I don't mean to be a negative nancy but ladies the theme was Silver Screen doesn't that make you want to dress the part?
Apparently not, there was way to much skin showing, and the dancing was embarrassing just to watch.

Thank you Alexis for doing my hair and makeup so perfect!  You made me look so much better than I ever could have accomplished.  Zack, you look as dashing as ever.  My prince charming.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fashion Show Success!

The fashion show was amazing!  Well back stage at least, it was very exciting and ever so cozy where all of us girls were getting ready.  I can't believe we pulled it off!  Hair and makeup was excellent, thank you Miss Anderson.  All of the models did superb, and I heard great reviews from audience members!
Thank you everyone!

 Starting left bottom:  Models:  Bekha Lovelend, Cheyene DeLayone, Catherine Jordan, Kelly Youngs, Melissa, Megan Meadows, Kyla Meadows, Sarah McBride, Rachel Newman, Kelly Ireland, Solae Davilla, Elana Williams, and Taylor Baird.
Center:  Designer Lindsey Johnson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alexis' Graduation Dress

My good friend Alexis recently asked me if I would be willing to assist her in making a rather complex graduation dress.  I of course excepted her request- how could I refuse such a challenge?!

The dress features hot pink glittery satin, with hot pink lace over the top.  The satin starts with a sweetheart neckline but the lace continues up.  The sleeves are also see through and made of the lace.  The back has a heart shaped cut out with the lace continuing over it.  The difficulty was the zipper, in the side of the dress starting in the armpit.  The heart was also tedious and carefully calculated.

These are unfinished photos of the darling dress.  This is what we do every day in after school textiles class!


Fashion Show prep!  My two lovely friends doing
a little pre-runway modeling, and hey playing dress up at lunch time is fun!  Thank you Hunter
and Jasmyn.  I am so excited for tomorrows art
cabaret, it will be the first time this many of my
fashions will be on display in one collective
location.  Thank you every one.

A Prom Complete

My Prom dress is finished!  I am so excited and thrilled for the big night next Saturday.  This photo of the back is deceiving it looks incredibly low, when in fact it isn't but the actual back is concealed by the drape.  The front is perfect, and I am so proud of how this dress turned out.

Fashion Show Tomorrow

Fashion show tomorrow!  To all my models I want to say thank you!  I hope you are all looking forward to this as much as I am.  To my amazing teacher and family,  thanks for being so supportive. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashion Show

April 13th is the art cabaret at our school, since I am currently enrolled in AP Studio Art I am to be one of the featured artist!  Since all of my artwork is 3d design, and is clothes, my professor has allowed me to put on a little fashion show.  At this time I have 17 complete outfits compiled- I am working on more.  I am in the process of pulling models, I am using girls from school, and doing fittings.  Hopefully my friend Alexis who did a fabulous job in the previous fashion show, can work her magic again.  I am looking forward to it greatly and can't wait to see all my pieces walk the runway, photos will be posted shortly after, until then I will be working on my prom dress and Alexis's graduation dress. Until then-

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Glamour of Prom

Prom is coming, April 1st, so ladies grab a man and boys, try to act like men. When I looked upon Teen Vogue's latest issue behold the prom craze.  Much to my satisfaction there was a whole section dedicated to how dressing in a more vintage style was extremely "in" this prom season.  I was pleased because a) I love everything vintage- especially the 20's which is where the issue was aimed, and b) I predicted this trend.  Yes, as a hopefully future fashion buyer it is savvy to be able to predict trends, and I predicted this one.  For my senior prom I am making my own dress (of course) and it is very vintage inspired, which led to vintage style heels, and the whole vintage look.  I can't wait, should look ravishing!  Bellow is the front of my soon to be prom dress.

It is made out of a beige/ gold-ish colored satin, I had hoped for a copper color, but had no luck in finding it.  The pattern is my own- like always.  The neckline is draped and on the inside there is a lining of the same satin for a very finished look.

Friday, March 16, 2012


     For my birthday, my fantastic grandparents sent me not one, but three massive coffee table books on various fashion designers.  I honestly don't think I could I have ever thank them enough- though I tried.  The books are about Chanel, Diore, and Alexander McQueen.  Chanel and Diore are my two personal favorites, and the Alexander McQueen book took my breath away, now that is wearable art!  These books have brought me immense amounts of insight into the world of couture.  Something my art professor has been pushing me to dabble in.  This ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of the best I could come up with.  Yet another princess dress!  Apparently it's going to take me awhile to develop my wearable art.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bow tie anyone?

I have noticed that with high school girls bows are an incredibly trending fashion statement.  Whether featured on shirts, as a print, jewelry, on handbags or wherever!  Personally I prefer bows that are real, not diamond encrusted.  I mean good fabric or ribbon bows.  So inspired by recent trends, I made myself a white crepe blouse, with a very large bow at the neck.  However the bow is not my favorite part, the best part is the detail of the covered buttons along the front.  This blouse has become one of my favorite things to wear these days!

Tionne Dress

This dress was originally going to be featured in the Object Runway fashion show, unfourtunately I didn't finish it on time, but now it is complete.  I was inspired by my artistic friend Tionne, my hope is that she will model it in my end of the year fashion show.  The detailing is petal shaped tulle, with black beading, all of it belted with matching tan fabric.

A Complete Queen of Hearts

I finally finished my valentine dress!  It appears see through on the dress form however I wore a slip underneath!  I love this dress, it is so fun to wear!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Queen of Hearts

Valentines day is right around the corner!  What better inspiration could a single fashion designer need?  So for this lovely holiday I am making a dress that will knock em dead.  It features black sequin fabric with long sleeves and a heart shaped cut out in the back.

The top image is a work in progress of the front of the dress, the bottom image is the back.  The white heart is the pattern I used to cut out the back. 

Candyland Dress Success

This week was our schools spirit week, Senior classes theme was the board game Candyland!  I made a dress for the occasion, however school was canceled that day due to ice! So infuriating, however I decided since I had put forth so much hard work and effort I was going to brave the dress on Friday anyway!  It was fantastic, everybody loved it and founding it absolutely darling! As did I.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Candyland in progress

My project of the moment is my Candyland dress!  It is a costume based off of Princess Lolly's dress in the boardgame Candyland.  These are photos of my work in progress.

Light yellow tulle skirt with felt lollipops, and sequin swirl details

Fashion Show Sucess

Object Runway Season 3 was an absolutely amazing.  Incredibly three of my pieces made it into the top 20!  Backstage was very cozy, and it was so much fun transforming the models with hair and makeup!  My top model actually had feathers adhered to her face to create a black swan effect.  Everybody looked amazing, and I couldn't have done it without all the support from teachers, friends, family, and particularly the models and my hair and makeup it girl.  Thank you everybody!

 Circus dress on the runway

Black Swan Makeup and hair

Monday, January 23, 2012


Each year my school has a themed spirit week, this years overall theme is board games.  More excitingly however our class is Candyland themed!  For the occasion I have decided to dress as Princess Lolly!   The dress features a puffy skirt made of pale yellow tulle, the bodice is scalloped along the neckline with two ribbon straps.  The whole thing zips up the back, and is absolutely darling!  Concept sketches soon to come, along with photographs of the work in progress.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Upcoming Events

I am very excited for the next month or so, I have a lot of projects coming up!  The most immediate is a fashion show called Object Runway, I will be competing 4 of my dresses.  The blue dress is a work in progress, I plan on wearing it to the fashion show.  It is made of chiffon material, has asymmetrical straps, and is draped in the front and back.  For christmas a great seamstress I know gave me a number of different sewing tools, my favorite of which allows you to create spaghetti straps!  So in my anticipation to use the tool, I designed the dress to have a thin strap.

I am really looking forward to the Object Runway fashion show.  I would like to say thank you to every one for being so supportive of my dreams, and especially my models.  Thank you ladies for sticking with me!  And of course a special thanks to hair and makeup, I would never be able to do this without you.

Roaring 20's New Year's Eve Party

For New Year's Eve my best friend and I hosted a roaring 20's party!  It was loads of fun, not to mention everybody looked fantastic!  The inspiration for my little red flapper dress came from popular styles in the 1920's along with the film, "Singing in the Rain."  The dress is made out of red spandex, layered with red fringe.  It wasn't very difficult to make, and it is so fun to wear!