Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Glamour of Prom

Prom is coming, April 1st, so ladies grab a man and boys, try to act like men. When I looked upon Teen Vogue's latest issue behold the prom craze.  Much to my satisfaction there was a whole section dedicated to how dressing in a more vintage style was extremely "in" this prom season.  I was pleased because a) I love everything vintage- especially the 20's which is where the issue was aimed, and b) I predicted this trend.  Yes, as a hopefully future fashion buyer it is savvy to be able to predict trends, and I predicted this one.  For my senior prom I am making my own dress (of course) and it is very vintage inspired, which led to vintage style heels, and the whole vintage look.  I can't wait, should look ravishing!  Bellow is the front of my soon to be prom dress.

It is made out of a beige/ gold-ish colored satin, I had hoped for a copper color, but had no luck in finding it.  The pattern is my own- like always.  The neckline is draped and on the inside there is a lining of the same satin for a very finished look.

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