Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Couture Alice

My latest project is by far the largest to scale and most difficult I have ever attempted.  I am in process of creating a midnight blue ball gown, that features layers and layers of black-blue tulle as well as a delicately embroidered bodice.  Below is a picture of the lining o the ball gown skirt and its first few layers of tulle, which I continued to layer and build into a full petticoat.

The embroidery on the bodice was originally white, and I hand dyed it to my desired dark blue color.  I than arranged it and drafted it to my dress form.  I mounted all of this embroidery on a thin layer of nude colored tulle, in order to give the effect that the embroidery is clinging to the wearers body.  

The ruffle on the shoulder of the dress form is an example of the style of ruched organza that I am going to lay in a petal like style over the top of the ball room skirt.  Below is my initial drawing of the dress, the skirt will remain the same but the bodice has obviously changed.

 The dress was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, particularly the color and whimsical inspiration.   Part of the inspiration for the skirt design however came from a beautiful dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the France episode of Sex and the City.  I have done much hunting but can not find the designer of the dress!  No matter it is astounding, and its fluffy over sized nature, very appealing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Think Pink!

     I drafted this dress all by hand using very geometric peices.  The shoulders come to a tapered point, instead of a traditional curved, or cap sleeve.

     The back features 3 bows, and two triangle shaped cutouts.  I have never been one for expsoing too much skin, so i used a sheer matching pink colored fabric over the triangles. 

     I have exciting information as well!  I am making a big move from Alaska back to Oregon, where I originated from!  I will be living with my gramummy in Creswell, Oregon!  I can't wait to be around my extended family full of love and encouragement!

Alaskan Princess

     This is the result of my fabulous friend Tyler's photographic skills.  The dress is mine, I made it originally as someone's prom dress, though half way through the project they decided they didn't want it!  So now it is subjected to photoshoots in the figid cold of Alaska! 

     These photos were taken in Chugiak, Alaska at Beach Lake.  A gorgeous sight no matter what the season.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cupcake Love

 When I feel stressed, or had a terrible no good very bad day, instead of moving to Australia, I bake.  I bake cupcakes.  My specialty says any one who has tried them. 
 This batch is made up of chocolate cake, with variations of cream cheese frosting and toppings!

From left to right:  Regular cream c. frosting with dark chocolate shavings, Raspberry frosting with chocolate sprinkles, coffee cream c. frosting with chocolate shavings, and chocolate filled cupcake with almond frosting and chocolate sprinkles!

2012 Prom

Zack and I all dressed
up for Prom!  It was held at the Railroad depot this year, I don't mean to be a negative nancy but ladies the theme was Silver Screen doesn't that make you want to dress the part?
Apparently not, there was way to much skin showing, and the dancing was embarrassing just to watch.

Thank you Alexis for doing my hair and makeup so perfect!  You made me look so much better than I ever could have accomplished.  Zack, you look as dashing as ever.  My prince charming.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fashion Show Success!

The fashion show was amazing!  Well back stage at least, it was very exciting and ever so cozy where all of us girls were getting ready.  I can't believe we pulled it off!  Hair and makeup was excellent, thank you Miss Anderson.  All of the models did superb, and I heard great reviews from audience members!
Thank you everyone!

 Starting left bottom:  Models:  Bekha Lovelend, Cheyene DeLayone, Catherine Jordan, Kelly Youngs, Melissa, Megan Meadows, Kyla Meadows, Sarah McBride, Rachel Newman, Kelly Ireland, Solae Davilla, Elana Williams, and Taylor Baird.
Center:  Designer Lindsey Johnson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alexis' Graduation Dress

My good friend Alexis recently asked me if I would be willing to assist her in making a rather complex graduation dress.  I of course excepted her request- how could I refuse such a challenge?!

The dress features hot pink glittery satin, with hot pink lace over the top.  The satin starts with a sweetheart neckline but the lace continues up.  The sleeves are also see through and made of the lace.  The back has a heart shaped cut out with the lace continuing over it.  The difficulty was the zipper, in the side of the dress starting in the armpit.  The heart was also tedious and carefully calculated.

These are unfinished photos of the darling dress.  This is what we do every day in after school textiles class!