Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cupcake Love

 When I feel stressed, or had a terrible no good very bad day, instead of moving to Australia, I bake.  I bake cupcakes.  My specialty says any one who has tried them. 
 This batch is made up of chocolate cake, with variations of cream cheese frosting and toppings!

From left to right:  Regular cream c. frosting with dark chocolate shavings, Raspberry frosting with chocolate sprinkles, coffee cream c. frosting with chocolate shavings, and chocolate filled cupcake with almond frosting and chocolate sprinkles!

2012 Prom

Zack and I all dressed
up for Prom!  It was held at the Railroad depot this year, I don't mean to be a negative nancy but ladies the theme was Silver Screen doesn't that make you want to dress the part?
Apparently not, there was way to much skin showing, and the dancing was embarrassing just to watch.

Thank you Alexis for doing my hair and makeup so perfect!  You made me look so much better than I ever could have accomplished.  Zack, you look as dashing as ever.  My prince charming.