Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Think Pink!

     I drafted this dress all by hand using very geometric peices.  The shoulders come to a tapered point, instead of a traditional curved, or cap sleeve.

     The back features 3 bows, and two triangle shaped cutouts.  I have never been one for expsoing too much skin, so i used a sheer matching pink colored fabric over the triangles. 

     I have exciting information as well!  I am making a big move from Alaska back to Oregon, where I originated from!  I will be living with my gramummy in Creswell, Oregon!  I can't wait to be around my extended family full of love and encouragement!

Alaskan Princess

     This is the result of my fabulous friend Tyler's photographic skills.  The dress is mine, I made it originally as someone's prom dress, though half way through the project they decided they didn't want it!  So now it is subjected to photoshoots in the figid cold of Alaska! 

     These photos were taken in Chugiak, Alaska at Beach Lake.  A gorgeous sight no matter what the season.